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Outsourcing The Trifecta Of Outsourcing - 1979 Words

The Trifecta of Outsourcing Financial services firms have always faced market volatility, but new challenges are forcing most to rethink their traditional operating models in favor of outsourcing. One of the main concerns within any industry is maintaining a competitive advantage. In order to do so, the company should review what should be â€Å"outsourced without damaging core strategic assets and capabilities of the firm† (Graf et al. 69). Outsourcing is seen by many executives as a panacea for all the problems they face and they put forward a number of advantages as to why such programs should be implemented. The expanded use of outsourcing models will help improve revenue and create new business opportunities. â€Å"Since the 1970s, banks and†¦show more content†¦Outsourcing information technology (IT) has grown beyond server and data center hosting to include private and public cloud computing, application development and management, software maintenance and enhancement, network managemen t, user support and outsourced database and system administrators. One of the writers of Banking Systems and Technology, states outsourcing can save about $265 million for one company (Yurcan). Profit is always the main goal for any company worldwide, meaning that outsourcing is a really big aid to filling the bottom line. Those companies who do choose to outsource in the United Kingdom have done a good job doing so and it has truly helped out their competitive advantage (Yurcan). Some companies have decided to outsource something as small as their mobile bank industry. For some smaller banks in the United Kingdom it seems to be a lot easier to have another company be in charge of their mobile banking so that they focus on core competencies within the organization (Yurcan). In addition to that, with other larger companies who have the resources and money to engage in house control of their own mobile banking IT software, it leaves the smaller businesses with their hands tied. There is no doubt that since 2010 there has been a need for mobile banking, as it is the most efficient and convenient way to bank for customers (Yurcan). Thus, in order

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Words Used to Describe Food

The words below are some of the most important used to talk about how food tastes, the condition it is in, and how we cook. Practice the sentences and learn how to talk about your food.   Food Condition fresh - Sushi always requires fresh - Im afraid this cheese tastes off.raw - Sushi is made from raw fish as well as vegetables, seaweed, and rice.  ripe - Make sure the bananas are ripe so I can use them in the cake.rotten - This meat smells rotten. I think we should throw it away.tough - The steak was very tough. I could hardly chew it!tender - The lamb was so tender that it seemed to melt in my mouth.undercooked - The undercooked salmon was very poor.unripe - Many types of fruit are picked unripe and become ripe as they are shipped.overcooked - The broccoli was overcooked. It should have been crisper.   Food Verbs bake - Ill bake a cake for her birthday party.boil - You should boil these potatoes for forty-five minutes.cook - What would you like me to cook for dinner?fry - I usually fry some eggs and bacon on Saturday mornings.grill - During the summer I like to grill meat outside.heat - Heat up the soup and make some sandwiches.microwave - Microwave the macaroni for three minutes and eat.poach - Jennifer prefers to poach her eggs.roast - Lets put this in the oven and roast for two hours.steam - The best way to cook many vegetables is to steam them for a few minutes. Food Quantities bar - Melt one bar of butter for the sauce.liter - Ill put a liter of water on to boil for the pasta.loaf - I bought three loaves of bread at the supermarket.  lump - Put of a lump of butter on top of the casserole to make it tasty.piece - Would you like a piece of chicken?pint - I drank a pint of ale at the pub.portion - Have you eaten your portion of vegetables today?slice - Please put three slices of cheese on my sandwich.spoonful - Add two spoonfuls of sugar to sweeten. Food Taste bitter - The almonds were very bitter. I could hardly eat the cookies.bland - This sauce is very bland. It doesnt taste like anything.creamy - I enjoy eating creamy tomato soup on cold winter days.crisp - The apple was crisp and delicious.  crunchy - Granola is a very crunch type of breakfast - The soup is hot. Let it cool down.mild - The spices are very mild.  salty - The sauce was much too salty. I think you should add some water and boil it down.savory - Savory crackers with cheese make a great snack.  sour - Lemons are very sour!spicy - Greg enjoys eating spicy Mexican food.  sweet - The cherry pie wasnt too sweet. It was just right.  tasteless - The vegetables have been cooked for too long. Theyre tasteless. Food Types barbecue - Do you enjoy barbecue during the summer?buffet - We went to an Indian buffet and had all we could eat.four-course meal - My wife and I enjoy making four-course meals on special occasions.picnic - Lets take a picnic to the park and enjoy the good weather.snack - You should eat a snack at four, but dont eat too much.TV dinner - TV dinners are disgusting but fast. Eating and Drinking bite - Dont bite off more meat than you can comfortably chew.chew - You should chew each bite well before you swallow.swallow - If you swallow too much you might choke on your food.sip - Its best to slowly sip a cocktail rather than gulp it down.guzzle - He guzzled a glass of water after he finished the job.gulp down - He hungrily gulped down the meal as he was very hungry. Preparing Drinks add - Add two shots of whiskey and some rum.fill - Fill the glass with ice.mix - Mix in a teaspoon of sugar.pour - Pour your drink over ice cubes.  shake - Shake the drink well and pour into a glass.stir - Stir the ingredients well and enjoy with your favorite seafood.   If you know all of these words, try the advanced level food vocabulary page to really expand your vocabulary. Teachers can use this lesson about food to help students plan a meal of their own.

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Succubus Dreams CHAPTER 12 Free Essays

â€Å"I can’t believe you keep coming back,† Dante told me when I showed up at his shop the next day. To no one’s surprise, the place was empty. â€Å"Me either,† I admitted. We will write a custom essay sample on Succubus Dreams CHAPTER 12 or any similar topic only for you Order Now I never felt welcome here, yet I didn’t feel I had anywhere else to go. â€Å"How do you stay in business?† â€Å"Beats me. I don’t suppose you’re here to give me the best night of my life? You missed your El Gaucho chance, though.† â€Å"I’m here because I had another dream.† â€Å"You’re using me, succubus.† He sighed and sat down at the chintzy table. â€Å"Okay. Give it to me.† Settling down across from him, I recapped the latest dream events. â€Å"Not really much in the way of new developments,† he pointed out afterward. â€Å"You got, like, thirty more seconds of plot.† â€Å"Does it mean anything?† â€Å"Hell if I know.† I narrowed my eyes. â€Å"You are the worst dream interpreter ever.† â€Å"Nah.† He rested his chin in his hand, elbow propped on the table. His expression was typically lazy. â€Å"I’m a very good interpreter. There’s nothing to interpret in your dream, though, unless it’s just your subconscious lamenting your infertility. Which is likely. It also suggests you have bad taste in music. Is ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ really playing each time?† Now I sighed. â€Å"The dreams clearly aren’t prophetic either since we know it’s impossible for you to have a kid.† He drummed his fingers on the table, face thoughtful. â€Å"You sure you might not adopt or something?† â€Å"She was mine,† I said firmly. â€Å"My own flesh and blood. I could feel it.† â€Å"Okay. Far be it from me to argue delusional maternal instincts. But like I said, it doesn’t really matter. The content, I mean. What matters here, I guess, is the energy loss.† I could have hugged him. â€Å"Finally, someone fucking thinks that’s important.† â€Å"It’s a pattern now. Can’t really blame it on anomaly anymore.† â€Å"So what’s it mean?† â€Å"You sure you want the opinion of the worst dream interpreter ever?† â€Å"Good grief! Get on with it.† â€Å"If you were human, I’d say without a doubt that you were being preyed on.† I flinched. â€Å"What? What do you mean?† He reached across the table and caught my hand, flipping it over absentmindedly while he thought. I was too caught on the word preyed to care about him touching me. Little Kayla’s words popped into my head. They’re monsters. They swoop in the air and go in people’s dreams. â€Å"You and I both know there are plenty of supernatural beings walking the world. Some walk the dreamworld and don’t really have humans’ best intentions at heart. Not that you do either. And honestly, some aren’t too different from you. They crave human life and energy, and they can suck it out of dreams.† â€Å"But they can’t do that to me?† â€Å"Mmm.† He let go of my hand. â€Å"I don’t see how. You don’t make your own energy. You steal it too. But who knows?† I shivered. The idea of some creature – some parasitic creature – latching on and sucking out my life made me ill. I was fully aware of the hypocrisy, however, seeing as I did the exact same thing all the time. â€Å"So†¦what kind of creature might be capable of doing that?† â€Å"Dunno. Not my specialty.† â€Å"But you’re a dream expert! Shouldn’t you know about dream†¦creatures?† â€Å"Supernatural creatures are Erik’s thing, not mine. You should ask him.† â€Å"You’re the worst dream interpreter ever.† â€Å"So I hear.† His earlier seriousness flitted away. â€Å"So†¦are we going to have sex now?† I stood up. â€Å"No! Of course not.† Dante threw his hands up. â€Å"What more do you want? I actually gave you useful information this time. And it’s not like you couldn’t use the fix – small or no.† â€Å"It’s more than that,† I said. Suddenly, I hesitated. â€Å"I†¦I know you now.† â€Å"What’s that supposed to mean?† â€Å"If you were some anonymous guy, there might be a chance. But now you’re like a†¦Ã¢â‚¬  Friend wasn’t quite the word I was looking for. â€Å"†¦an acquaintance.† He appeared genuinely baffled for once. It was almost amusing. â€Å"I’m really not following this, succubus.† â€Å"I’ve got a boyfriend, remember? When I have anonymous, casual sex, it’s not really cheating. But if I do it with someone†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"†¦you like?† Was it my imagination, or was there something hopeful in his eyes when he asked that? â€Å"No, I don’t think I like you. But I don’t exactly dislike you either. The point is, you aren’t anonymous. It would be cheating.† He stared at me for several moments, and whatever glimmer of hope I thought I’d seen was definitely gone. â€Å"No wonder succubi are so good at passing as human women. You’ve certainly got the head games and complete lack of rationality down.† â€Å"I’ve got to go.† â€Å"You always have to go. Where to now? Some anonymous guy?† I rose. â€Å"No, I’m going to find Erik and see if he can actually give me useful information.† â€Å"I did give you useful information!† â€Å"Debatable.† â€Å"Well, let me lock up, and we’ll see what Lancaster has to say.† I froze. â€Å"What do you mean ‘we’?† Dante grabbed some keys from behind the counter. â€Å"You’ve piqued my curiosity. I want to see how this turns out. Besides, you owe me for my help, seeing as you won’t put out.† â€Å"‘Help,’ indeed,† I muttered. He walked to the door with me. â€Å"Did it ever occur to you that in spite of how unuseful you think I am, I’m still kind of concerned about what happens to you?† â€Å"No,† I said. â€Å"It actually hadn’t.† But I let him go with me over to Arcana, Ltd. When we stepped inside, we found Erik unpacking a box of books. He smiled without looking up, having sensed me. â€Å"Miss Kincaid, always a – † He stopped when he noticed Dante. For the first time in our friendship, I saw Erik look angry. It was disturbing. Frightening, even. â€Å"Mr. Moriarty.† Dante nodded his greeting. â€Å"Always nice to see you.† The expression on Erik’s face showed the feelings weren’t mutual. He straightened up from his work and walked over to the counter. Crossing his arms over his chest, he peered at both of us. â€Å"What can I do for you?† No cordial host or tea chats today. The air between the two men suddenly felt thick and oppressive. I spoke uncertainly. â€Å"We†¦that is, Dante thinks he has an answer to my dream problems.† Dante laughed, wearing his trademark smirk. If he bore Erik the same animosity, he was hiding it well. â€Å"I wouldn’t call it an answer, succubus. More like a theory.† â€Å"I’ve had the dream again,† I told Erik. â€Å"More than once now. And I still keep losing my energy. Dante says it could be some kind of†¦dream creature preying on me.† I stumbled over the words. The concept was still too ludicrous. â€Å"But he didn’t know what kind. He said you might know.† Erik shifted his eyes from Dante to me. I could tell the old man was still unhappy about us being there together, but he cared about me too much and couldn’t stop himself from helping me. I wondered at what point over the years I had earned such regard. And how. He sighed and gestured us to the table. We all sat down, but no tea was offered. â€Å"Something like that going after a succubus is hard to imagine,† Erik said at last. â€Å"That’s what I thought,† said Dante. His lighthearted mask had slipped a little. He looked much as he had in the store, thoughtful and curious. He reminded me of a mechanical engineer I’d once known. The guy couldn’t help himself when it came to fixing some technical problem. Give him something in pieces, and he had to analyze it and figure it out. Dante might give me a hard time, but his nature, corrupt or not, couldn’t stay away from this. Erik’s eyes studied me, hard and intent. I was an intriguing puzzle for him too. â€Å"If I had to pick†¦I’d say the symptoms most match Oneroi.† I’d heard of them. They’d been in the Greek myths I’d grown up with. â€Å"Dream spirits?† Dante considered. â€Å"More than spirits. They’re the children of Nyx and Erebus.† I shuddered. I’d heard of them too. Nyx and Erebus. Night and Darkness. Primordial entities of chaos. They were powerful and dangerous. The world had been born of chaos, true, but it was also a fact – even science agreed – that the universe was always trying to move back toward chaos. Nyx and Erebus were destructive – so much so that they were now locked away, lest they tear the world apart. The possibility that their children could be sucking away my life made me feel sick again. Dante was still turning this theory over in his head. â€Å"Yeah, that’d be the closest. But they still don’t match one hundred percent.† â€Å"Nothing does,† admitted Erik. â€Å"I’ve never heard of anything attacking a succubus.† â€Å"What do Oneroi do exactly?† I asked. The two men exchanged glances, each waiting for the other to explain. Erik was the one who stepped up. â€Å"They visit mortals in their dreams and feed off the emotions such dreams stir up. Victims of Oneroi wake up drained and sick.† More irony. Legend said that succubi visited men in their dreams too and took their life. â€Å"That’s what’s happening to me,† I argued. â€Å"Why couldn’t it be them?† â€Å"It could be them,† agreed Dante, â€Å"but like we said, the details don’t fit. Oneroi can seize control and shape what you dream. But the dreams they stir up are usually nightmares. Fear and other dark emotions tend to be more intense – they offer more for the Oneroi to feed off of. Your dreams are short, and they’re†¦fluffy.† â€Å"Fluffy?† â€Å"Well, I don’t know. Not nightmares. They’re intriguing to you. They bring out emotions – fascinated, happy emotions. They’re giving you visceral reactions, I suppose, but not the type that the Oneroi usually go after.† â€Å"And,† continued Erik, â€Å"there’s also the fact that you aren’t an ideal choice for them. You’re inefficient. You’re a conduit, a link to the mortal world and their energy. If Oneroi are stealing from you, they have to wait for you to get your power from someone else first. Far simpler for them to take directly from a human.† I suddenly realized I’d forgotten something. â€Å"One other weird thing happened†¦more than the energy loss†¦Ã¢â‚¬  I explained about waking up feeling cold and wet. â€Å"I guess that’s kind of weird,† said Dante, â€Å"but I don’t know that it’s really related to this.† â€Å"Well, except later that day, I read this article about a guy who went crazy and tried to swim across the Sound. He thought it would help his family – and it did because he drowned and they got his insurance money. When I read the article, the wet and cold feeling came back. It was like†¦for a second, I was him. I felt exactly what he’d felt. Like I was drowning too.† â€Å"Empathy,† said Dante. â€Å"You read it and imagined what it must be like.† â€Å"No.† I frowned, trying to bring the feeling back. â€Å"I†¦I felt him. I knew it was him I was feeling. That guy. The same way I knew the girl was my daughter. It was in my gut.† Dante looked annoyed. â€Å"Would have been helpful to know this earlier.† â€Å"I forgot. I didn’t really see it as relevant until now.† â€Å"Have you ever had anything like this happen before? Knowledge of something you didn’t experience?† â€Å"I don’t think so.† Erik glanced at Dante. â€Å"Clairvoyance?† â€Å"I don’t know. Unlikely. Too many variables. None of them mesh.† Dante turned his gaze back on me. â€Å"Have you talked to your own people about this?† I shook my head. â€Å"Jerome’s been gone. I mentioned the first dream before he left, but he didn’t seem very concerned.† â€Å"Well, I don’t know what to make of it,† Dante said. â€Å"Nor I,† said Erik kindly. â€Å"But I will look into this for you.† â€Å"Thanks,† I told him. â€Å"I really appreciate it.† We stood up, and like that, the momentary truce between Erik and Dante vanished. Erik looked stormy once more. Dante appeared smug and condescending. â€Å"Miss Kincaid,† Erik began stiffly. â€Å"You know I have nothing but the highest regard for you, and I am more than happy to assist you in any way you need. I also recognize that Mr. Moriarty can also offer you help. But I would prefer it if†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"†¦if you don’t bring me around anymore,† finished Dante. He saluted. â€Å"Noted, old man. Meet you at the car, succubus.† He turned and walked out of the shop. Erik’s mood didn’t vanish with Dante’s departure. I could still sense the fury radiating from him. Erik had said Dante was corrupt, but really, so was I. Erik didn’t have this kind of reaction around me. There was something I was missing here. â€Å"I’m sorry,† I told Erik. â€Å"I didn’t know it would bother you so much.† â€Å"You couldn’t have known,† he replied wearily. â€Å"And after all, I was the one who directed you to him.† â€Å"I’ll keep him away,† I promised. I thanked him again and went out to meet Dante. He leaned against my car, his thoughts obscured by a lazy smile. â€Å"Why does Erik hate you so much?† I asked. Dante glanced down at me. â€Å"Because I’m a bad man who does bad things.† â€Å"There’s more to it than that,† I said. â€Å"And you don’t seem that bad. The worst things you’ve done are trick customers and offer useless information. Although†¦well, you actually were pretty helpful just now. But like I said, I don’t think you’re as bad as your reputation implies.† â€Å"How would you know?† I shrugged. â€Å"Instinct.† In one swift motion, Dante snaked his hand behind my neck and pulled me to him. I put a hand on his chest and started to push him away and then stopped. There was a warmth in his body, the eagerness of a man who’d been deprived of something for a very long time. To my surprise, I felt arousal burning in me – a yearning of my own to touch someone who wasn’t all business. I experienced that feeling a lot, and it usually got me into trouble. My succubus nature woke up, wondering if energy might be on its way. And despite my lofty talk earlier about not sleeping with people I was acquainted with, I suddenly wanted him to kiss me. I wanted his energy – just a taste. His mouth moved toward mine. I started to close my eyes and part my lips – then, abruptly, he stiffened. Releasing me, he stepped back. I opened my eyes, staring in astonishment. â€Å"What the hell?† I asked. â€Å"You backed off. And after all the grief you’ve given me about sleeping with you.† â€Å"You’re drained and hungry, succubus,† he said. â€Å"It’d be like taking advantage of a drunk girl.† â€Å"Right. And you’ve never done anything like that.† â€Å"Yeah, well, I’m not eighteen anymore.† He opened the car door. â€Å"Are we going or not?† I studied him a bit longer, thinking again I saw that hope and compassion from earlier. I was starting to wonder if a lot of his cattiness was just bravado, hiding the same insecurities everyone in the world had. I kept my psychoanalysis to myself, however, and joined him in the car. We drove back to his shop, our usual flippant banter obscuring anything serious that might have happened. How to cite Succubus Dreams CHAPTER 12, Essay examples

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Dilation and Curettage Procedure free essay sample

A dilation and curettage procedure, also known as a DC, is a surgical procedure in which the cervix (lower, narrow part of the uterus) is dilated so that the uterine lining (endometrium) can be scraped with a curette instrument in order to remove abnormal tissues. During the dilation and curettage procedure, the patient is placed in supine position of the body with the legs separated, flexed, and supported in raised stirrups. The doctor inserts a speculum into the vagina, as during a pelvic exam, in order to see the cervix. Then, the cervix is slowly dilated by inserting a series f thicker and thicker rods into the cervix until its adequately opened, usually to between 6 and 9 millimeters in diameter. After dilation, a curette is inserted to begin removing tissue. Although the DC involves no stitches or cuts, the cervix is cleansed with an antiseptic solution. A dilation and curettage can be done as day-surgery or may require an overnight stay in the hospital. It is recommended that before the surgery, the patient take nothing by mouth (food, water, etc. for at least 6 hours before the scheduled operation. Before surgery or during the previous night, a bath maybe is advisable since it helps lower the bacterial count and lessen the chances of any infection from surgery. The genital area is shaved in order to begin skin preparation. Skin preparation begins at the pubic symphysis and extends downward over the labia. Next, each inner thigh is cleansed. After, the vaginal vault and cervix are cleansed using three spongesticks. Spongesticks must be discarded after wiping the anus. The patients bladder is drained with a straight catheter to prevent the ladder from compromising the field. Once the patient has been prepared, a drape sheet is tucked under the buttocks, followed by leggings and a drape sheet over the abdomen. For a dilation and curettage procedure, a scrub tech sets up the instruments on the back table, but he/she is not needed during the procedure. The surgeons take the instruments, such as Overstreet Endometrial Polyp Forceps, Skene Vulsellum Tenaculum, Schroeder Braun Tenaculum, directly off the back table themselves. Besides a Dilatation and curettage tray, a small basin, water-soluble lubricant, a Telfa for specimen), perineal pad and sanitary napkin belt will also be needed on the back table for the dilation and curettage procedure. An antiembolism hose may be requested. A dilation and curettage may be used as a diagnostic or therapeutic procedure for abnormal bleeding. A dilation and curettage procedure can also be performed to determine the cause of abnormal or excessive uterine bleeding, to detect cancer, or as part of an infertility investigation. Causes of abnormal bleeding include the presence of abnormal tissues, such as fibroid tumors (benign tumors that evelop in the uterus, also called myomas) polyps, or cancer of the endometrium or uterus. Abnormal uterine bleeding may also be due to a hormone imbalance or disorder when approaching menopause or after menopause. A dilation and curettage may also be performed following a miscarriage to remove the fetus and other tissues if they have not all been naturally passed. Infection or heavy bleeding can occur if these tissues are not completely removed. Occasionally following not passed, which can cause bleeding or infection. A dilation and curettage is used to emove these fragments so that the endometrium can heal properly. For the dilation and curettage procedure, there is general anesthesia, regional anesthesia and local anesthesia. General anesthesia is given through either a breathing mask or an intravenous (V) catheter. The IV may be placed in a vein in the patients hand, arm or neck. The patient may have a breathing tube inserted through their mouth and into their windpipe to make sure theyre breathing properly. General anesthesia relaxes the muscles, which makes it easier for the doctor to perform a pelvic exam. Regional nesthesia is injected into the area around the spinal cord, blocking any pain during the procedure. Local anesthesia, which is most common, is injected directly into and around the cervix to numb the area. The patient also receives a sedative from an IV. The dilation and curettage procedure has a low risk of serious complications. The most common complication that can occur is perforation of the uterus with either the dilators or the curette. When this happens, as long as no internal organs such as intestines, bladder, or rectum, or large blood vessels are damaged, the hole will lmost always heal itself without further surgery. The risk for this problem is increased in patients with a narrowed opening to the cervix (cervical stenosis) or in patients with distorted internal uterine anatomy. This risk is also increased if the uterus is infected or has undergone previous surgeries such as cesarean sections or myomectomies. Injury to the cervix is another possible complication. Tears or cuts in the cervix can usually be treated by application of pressure and application of local medications to stop bleeding. In some cases, stitches in the cervix may be required, ut this is not common. Other complications, as with any surgery, include bleeding and infection. Most bleeding is mild and resolves on its own. Infection is also rare and can normally be managed with oral antibiotics. On occasion, in patients with certain heart defects, the surgeon may give the patient antibiotics before and after the surgery to prevent bacteria from the vagina from infecting the heart valves. It is normal to experience vaginal bleeding and/or pelvic cramping for a few days after a dilation and curettage procedure.

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Transworld Auto Parts Essay Thesis Example For Students

Transworld Auto Parts Essay Thesis Problem Definition: Which of the two balanced scorecard approaches better illustrates how Transports Auto Parts can improve their ROCK by given the current economic downturn? Situational Analysis: Transports Auto Parts belongs in the automobile manufacturing industry. This industry is very susceptible to industry trends and changes because much of the industrys sales depends on the external environment which affects both consumer and supplier behavior. During 2008 when the economy experienced a global recession, many auto makers such as Chrysler and General Motors were on the brink of insolvency due to the decline in car sales, Utilizing the PESTLE framework to better understand the macro-environment, the recession reflects economic factors in the external environment which can influence the industry. The recession affected consumers in the sense that they possessed less disposable income, causing them to be less inclined to purchase new cars during this time. However, other aspects of the external environment can benefit firms within this industry gore example, faith the rising automobile production in Asia, many suppliers can consider global expansion and developing sales in international markets. We will write a custom essay on Transworld Auto Parts Thesis specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now Many car manufacturers in Asia possess low labor costs ND a great demand in local markets, so suppliers within the industry have this opportunity to expand. Not only is it important to consider the industry and external environment in which TAP operates in, it is also important to analyze its internal resources and capabilities in order to better understand the company. TAP currently has operations in four different customer-centered divisions: luxury, economy, medicine, and truck. However, TAP decided to only focus on improving their luxury and economy division because these two divisions will allow TAP to compete aggressively and make the most profit, according to their search. Each of the separate divisions is managed by a separate manager and supporting staff. This allows Ellen Bright, CEO of TAP to distinguish results from each division and form her own board of directors to make strategic decisions. TAP flourishes with this hierarchical structure because it allows the company to micromanage each separate divisions profitability for the company and for it to implement any changes when necessary. Strategy: Tater Bright decided to cut the other two divisions, each manager from the luxury and economy division respectively were assigned to create a balanced score card to describe their objectives on how to improve their division and what must be done to achieve their parent companys target goal of an 8% return on capital employed GROCER). Gerhardt, president of the luxury division presented a balanced score card that was simple yet with focused objectives for each aspect of the balanced score card. For example, the financial perspective contained 4 main goals: increase ROCK, increase cash flow, increase revenue, and increase gross margin. The customer perspective simply included: improve customer satisfaction, manage innovation, and initiation customer R;D partnerships. Similarly, the process perspective included two main goals: reduce raw materials cost and maintain quality leadership. Lastly, the learning and growth perspective only included one objective: increase employee engagement. On the other hand, Swoon, president of the economy division took a more complex and descriptive approach with the balanced score card. He went into detail about each of the four perspectives and proposed very specific, action-oriented goals. He had similar financial perspective objectives, but each of the other perspectives contained about four or five different objectives. For example, the learning and growth perspective contained six objectives: train buyers on low cost procurement, enhance electronic interchanges with customers and suppliers, transform workforce into CIT/lean experts, make CIT/lean a priority for all workers, alight IT to support TTS and CIT, and enhance workforce capabilities in TTS. Both approaches of the balanced score card aim to attain similar overall goals. .uec33bcf87a85afadd4f621d48eb9a088 , .uec33bcf87a85afadd4f621d48eb9a088 .postImageUrl , .uec33bcf87a85afadd4f621d48eb9a088 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .uec33bcf87a85afadd4f621d48eb9a088 , .uec33bcf87a85afadd4f621d48eb9a088:hover , .uec33bcf87a85afadd4f621d48eb9a088:visited , .uec33bcf87a85afadd4f621d48eb9a088:active { border:0!important; } .uec33bcf87a85afadd4f621d48eb9a088 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .uec33bcf87a85afadd4f621d48eb9a088 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .uec33bcf87a85afadd4f621d48eb9a088:active , .uec33bcf87a85afadd4f621d48eb9a088:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .uec33bcf87a85afadd4f621d48eb9a088 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .uec33bcf87a85afadd4f621d48eb9a088 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .uec33bcf87a85afadd4f621d48eb9a088 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .uec33bcf87a85afadd4f621d48eb9a088 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .uec33bcf87a85afadd4f621d48eb9a088:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .uec33bcf87a85afadd4f621d48eb9a088 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .uec33bcf87a85afadd4f621d48eb9a088 .uec33bcf87a85afadd4f621d48eb9a088-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .uec33bcf87a85afadd4f621d48eb9a088:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: Factors contributing to the su EssayBelow are some pros and cons for each approach: Luxury Division- Pros: focusing goals in broad chunks make it easier to attain, with attainable goals employees are happier, creating healthier company morale Cons: too impel without specifically stating what actions must be taken in order to meet objectives, might cause confusion among employees Economy Division- Pros: very detailed with specific measures and actions on how to achieve Objectives Cons: may seem to expect too much from employees, Which makes goal appear to be and discourage employees Action Plan: After analyzing both approaches to the balanced score card, the economy divisio n presented a more well thought out and action specific plan to reach the companys target goal.

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The Japanese Christmas Song Awatenbou no Santakuroosu

The Japanese Christmas Song Awatenbou no Santakuroosu Christmas has become a popular celebration in Japan, even though less than one percent of the Japanese are Christian. However, Christmas is not a family time in Japan. In fact, it is not even a national holiday. December 23rd, though, is a holiday because it is the birthday of the present emperor. Most Japanese work on Christmas day, just like any other day. On the other hand, New Years Day is an important holiday where families get together and have a special feast. So, how do the Japanese celebrate Christmas? It is a time for lovers to have a romantic dinner and give presents, much like St Valentines Day. The media now really push Christmas Eve as being a time for romance. Thats why Christmas Eve is more important in Japan than Christmas day itself. Fancy restaurants and hotels are often booked solid at this time. In December, Christmas classics are played everywhere. Most popular Japanese Christmas songs are for lovers. Here is a Japanese Christmas song for children called, Awatenbou no Santakuroosu (Hasty Santa Claus). You can check out the animated version of Awatenbou no Santakuroosu on Youtube. The Lyrics of Awatenbou no Santakuroosu 㠁‚ã‚ Ã£  ¦Ã£â€šâ€œÃ£  ¼Ã£ â€ Ã£  ®Ã£â€š µÃ£Æ' ³Ã£â€š ¿Ã£â€š ¯Ã£Æ' ­Ã£Æ' ¼Ã£â€š ¹Ã£â€š ¯Ã£Æ' ªÃ£â€š ¹Ã£Æ'žã‚ ¹Ã£  ¾Ã£ Ë†Ã£  « や㠁 £Ã£  ¦Ã£  Ã£ Å¸Ã£ â€žÃ£  Ã£ â€žÃ£  § ãÆ' ªÃ£Æ' ³Ã£Æ' ªÃ£Æ' ³Ã£Æ' ªÃ£Æ' ³Ã£ â€žÃ£  Ã£ â€žÃ£  § ãÆ' ªÃ£Æ' ³Ã£Æ' ªÃ£Æ' ³Ã£Æ' ªÃ£Æ' ³Ã© ³ ´Ã£â€šâ€°Ã£ â€"㠁 ¦Ã£ Å Ã£  Ã£â€šÅ'よ é ËœÃ£â€šâ€™Ã£Æ' ªÃ£Æ' ³Ã£Æ' ªÃ£Æ' ³Ã£Æ' ªÃ£Æ' ³ ãÆ' ªÃ£Æ' ³Ã£Æ' ªÃ£Æ' ³Ã£Æ' ªÃ£Æ' ³Ã£Æ' ªÃ£Æ' ³Ã£Æ' ªÃ£Æ' ³Ã£Æ' ªÃ£Æ' ³ 㠁‚ã‚ Ã£  ¦Ã£â€šâ€œÃ£  ¼Ã£ â€ Ã£  ®Ã£â€š µÃ£Æ' ³Ã£â€š ¿Ã£â€š ¯Ã£Æ' ­Ã£Æ' ¼Ã£â€š ¹Ã£ Ë†Ã£â€šâ€œÃ£  ¨Ã£  ¤Ã£  ®Ã£ Å¾Ã£ â€žÃ£  ¦ è  ½Ã£  £Ã£ â€œÃ£  ¡Ã£ Å¸Ã£ â€šÃ£ â€žÃ£ Å¸Ã£ Å¸ ãÆ'‰ãÆ' ³Ã£Æ'‰ãÆ' ³Ã£Æ'‰ãÆ' ³Ã£ â€šÃ£ â€žÃ£ Å¸Ã£ Å¸ ãÆ'‰ãÆ' ³Ã£Æ'‰ãÆ' ³Ã£Æ'‰ãÆ' ³Ã£  ¾Ã£  £Ã£  Ã£â€š Ã£  Ã£â€š Ã£ â€˜Ã£  ® 㠁Šé ¡â€Ã£Æ'‰ãÆ' ³Ã£Æ'‰ãÆ' ³Ã£Æ'‰ãÆ' ³ ãÆ'‰ãÆ' ³Ã£Æ'‰ãÆ' ³Ã£Æ'‰ãÆ' ³Ã£Æ'‰ãÆ' ³Ã£Æ'‰ãÆ' ³Ã£Æ'‰ãÆ' ³ 㠁‚ã‚ Ã£  ¦Ã£â€šâ€œÃ£  ¼Ã£ â€ Ã£  ®Ã£â€š µÃ£Æ' ³Ã£â€š ¿Ã£â€š ¯Ã£Æ' ­Ã£Æ' ¼Ã£â€š ¹Ã£ â€"㠁‹ã Å¸Ã£ Å'㠁 ªÃ£ â€žÃ£ â€¹Ã£â€šâ€° è ¸Å Ã£  £Ã£ Å¸Ã£â€šË†Ã¦ ¥ ½Ã£ â€"㠁  ãÆ' Ã£Æ' £Ã£Æ' Ã£Æ' £Ã£Æ' Ã£Æ' £Ã¦ ¥ ½Ã£ â€"㠁  ãÆ' Ã£Æ' £Ã£Æ' Ã£Æ' £Ã£Æ' Ã£Æ' £Ã£  ¿Ã£â€šâ€œÃ£  ªÃ£â€šâ€šÃ¨ ¸Å Ã£â€š Ã£â€šË† Ã¥Æ'•ã  ¨Ã£Æ' Ã£Æ' £Ã£Æ' Ã£Æ' £Ã£Æ' Ã£Æ' £ ãÆ' Ã£Æ' £Ã£Æ' Ã£Æ' £Ã£Æ' Ã£Æ' £Ã£Æ' Ã£Æ' £Ã£Æ' Ã£Æ' £Ã£Æ' Ã£Æ' £ 㠁‚ã‚ Ã£  ¦Ã£â€šâ€œÃ£  ¼Ã£ â€ Ã£  ®Ã£â€š µÃ£Æ' ³Ã£â€š ¿Ã£â€š ¯Ã£Æ' ­Ã£Æ' ¼Ã£â€š ¹Ã£â€šâ€šÃ£ â€žÃ£  ¡Ã£  ©Ã¦  ¥Ã£â€šâ€¹Ã£â€šË†Ã£  ¨ Ã¥ ¸ °Ã£  £Ã£  ¦Ã£  Ã£ â€¢Ã£â€šË†Ã£  ªÃ£â€šâ€° ã‚ ·Ã£Æ' £Ã£Æ' ©Ã£Æ' ©Ã£Æ' ³Ã£Æ' ©Ã£Æ' ³Ã£ â€¢Ã£â€šË†Ã£  ªÃ£â€šâ€° ã‚ ·Ã£Æ' £Ã£Æ' ©Ã£Æ' ©Ã£Æ' ³Ã£Æ' ©Ã£Æ' ³Ã£â€š ¿Ã£Æ' ³Ã£Æ'â€"ãÆ' ªÃ£Æ' ³Ã© ³ ´Ã£â€šâ€°Ã£ â€"㠁 ¦Ã¦ ¶Ë†Ã£ Ë†Ã£ Å¸Ã£â€š ·Ã£Æ' £Ã£Æ' ©Ã£Æ' ©Ã£Æ' ³Ã£Æ' ©Ã£Æ' ³ ã‚ ·Ã£Æ' £Ã£Æ' ©Ã£Æ' ©Ã£Æ' ³Ã£Æ' ©Ã£Æ' ³Ã£â€š ·Ã£Æ' £Ã£Æ' ©Ã£Æ' ©Ã£Æ' ³Ã£Æ' ©Ã£Æ' ³ 㠁‚ã‚ Ã£  ¦Ã£â€šâ€œÃ£  ¼Ã£ â€ Ã£  ®Ã£â€š µÃ£Æ' ³Ã£â€š ¿Ã£â€š ¯Ã£Æ' ­Ã£Æ' ¼Ã£â€š ¹Ã£â€šâ€ Ã£ â€¹Ã£ â€žÃ£  ªÃ£ Å Ã£  ²Ã£ â€™Ã£  ® 㠁Šã ËœÃ£ â€žÃ£ â€¢Ã£â€šâ€œÃ£Æ' ªÃ£Æ' ³Ã£Æ' ªÃ£Æ' ³Ã£Æ' ªÃ£Æ' ³ ãÆ' Ã£Æ' £Ã£Æ' Ã£Æ' £Ã£Æ' Ã£Æ' £Ã£Æ'‰ãÆ' ³Ã£Æ'‰ãÆ' ³Ã£Æ'‰ãÆ' ³ ã‚ ·Ã£Æ' £Ã£Æ' ©Ã£Æ' ©Ã£Æ' ³Ã£Æ' ©Ã£Æ' ³Ã£â€š Ã£ â„¢Ã£â€šÅ'㠁 ¡Ã£â€šÆ'㠁  Ã£â€š Ã£   Ã£â€šË† 㠁Šã‚‚㠁 ¡Ã£â€šÆ'ã‚ ·Ã£Æ' £Ã£Æ' ©Ã£Æ' ©Ã£Æ' ³ ãÆ' ªÃ£Æ' ³ ãÆ' Ã£Æ' £Ã£Æ' Ã£Æ' £Ã£Æ' Ã£Æ' £Ã£Æ'‰ãÆ' ³ ã‚ ·Ã£Æ' £Ã£Æ' ©Ã£Æ' ©Ã£Æ' ³ Romaji Translation Awatenbou no SantakuroosuKurisumasu mae ni yattekitaIsoide rin rin rinIsoide rin rin rinNarashite okure yo kane oRin rin rin rin rin rinRin rin rin Awatenbou no SantakuroosuEntotsu nozoite okkochitaAitata don don donAitata don don donMakkuro kuro ke no okaoDon don don don don donDon don don Awatenbou no SantakuroosuShikataganaikara odotta yoTanoshiku cha cha chaTanoshiku cha cha chaMinna mo odoro yo boku toCha cha cha cha cha chaCha cha cha Awatenbou no SantakuroosuMo ichido kuru yo to kaettekuSayonara shara ran ranSayonara shara ran ranTanburin narashite kietaShara ran ran Shara ran ranShara ran ran Awatenbou no SantakuroosuYukaina ohige no ojiisanRin rin rin Cha cha chaDon don don Shara ran ranWasurecha dame da yo omochaShara ran rin cha cha chaDon shara ran The Use of ~bou Awatenbou means, a hasty person. ~bou is attached to some words and expresses ~ person, ~ person who does ~ in an affectionate or ridiculing manner. Here are some examples: Okorinbou 怒りんå Å  - a short-tempered or irritable personKechinbou 㠁‘㠁 ¡Ã£â€šâ€œÃ¥ Å  - a stingy person; a miserAmaenbou 甘㠁ˆã‚“å Å  - a pampered or spoiled person.Kikanbou 㠁 Ã£ â€¹Ã£â€šâ€œÃ¥ Å  - a naughty or unruly personAbarenbou æš ´Ã£â€šÅ'ã‚“å Å  - a rough or disorderly person.Kuishinbou é £Å¸Ã£ â€žÃ£ â€"ã‚“å Å  - a gourmandWasurenbou Ã¥ ¿ËœÃ£â€šÅ'ã‚“å Å  - a forgetful person The Prefix ma Makkuro means as black as ink. Ma is a prefix to emphasize the noun that comes after ma. The Japanese title for Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is Makkana ohana no tonakai-san. Lets look at some words that include ma. Makka çÅ"Ÿã  £Ã¨ µ ¤ - bright redMakkuro çÅ"Ÿã  £Ã© »â€™ - black as inkMasshiro çÅ"Ÿã  £Ã§â„¢ ½ - pure whiteMassao çÅ"Ÿã  £Ã© â€™ - deep blueManatsu çÅ"Ÿå ¤  - the middle of summerMafuyu çÅ"Ÿå† ¬ - the middle of winterMakkura çÅ"Ÿã  £Ã¦Å¡â€" - pitch-darkMasski - at the very firstMapputateu - right in twoMassara - brand new The Prefix o The prefix o is added to kao (face) and hige (beard; mustache) for politeness. Again, the title Makkana ohana no tonakai-san (Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer) includes the use of the prefix o as well. Hana means nose and ohana is the polite form of hana. Onomatopoeic Expressions There are many onomatopoeic expressions used in songs. They are words that describe sound or action directly. Rin rin describes a ringing sound, in this case the sound of a bell. Don expresses thud and boom. It is used to describe the sound that Santa Claus makes as he comes down a chimney.

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Art Ceramic vessels based on the theme of urban landscape, modern Essay

Art Ceramic vessels based on the theme of urban landscape, modern modern architect and looking at artists works - Essay Example In the beginning, ceramic pieces served two purposes: functional and decorative purposes. Early potters created their pieces so that they may be used as pieces of tableware, crockery or other functional items. With time, potters began exploring the limits of ceramic art. They introduced art pieces that carried no functional purpose and yet became master pieces for the thought they represented. Contemporary ceramic artist had moved from functional to aesthetic to experimental and even to garish pieces. The diversity added by these artists adds more charm to the art. In this paper, I would be exploring my ceramic pieces that I have developed for this course. The art pieces that I have developed have been inspired from contemporary ceramic artists including Ken Eastman and Alison Britton. This art form explores how vessels can be reshaped to acquire the form of architectural landscapes; and most specifically modern architectural buildings. I have reflected upon my art pieces in reflecti on with the work of other notable ceramic artists. While I have found certain lacking in my art forms, I believe that my art is in the right direction. This paper will discuss contemporary artists also while reflecting on their art pieces and the idea behind these pieces. Ceramic Art Ceramic Art is a three dimensional art form whereby objects from clay are made. These include pots, tableware, tiles and many other figures. The process of converting clay into figures is known as pottery. The word ceramic is derived from the Greek word Keramikos, meaning pottery. While clay is the main material used in ceramics, artists nowadays experiment with different inorganic material and the art produced is still termed as ceramic art. Ceramic Art, like any other art form, can be completed through different techniques. There are four basic methods through which pottery can be produced. These include hand work, wheel work, slip casting and slab building technique. Often a combination of two is use d to complete a piece. Hand work is one of the most basic and primitive methods of producing pottery where the potter uses a ball of clay to fashion a piece of pottery with his hands. Because of the inconsistency in design, many potters prefer wheel work. In wheel work, a potter’s wheel is employed where the potter places a ball of clay in the wheel head. With the help of a foot pedal, the wheel is turned and the potter gives shape to his piece through pressing, squeezing or pulling. The advantage of the wheel work is that is allows the designer to produce similar mass products. These products can also be altered through bulging, fluting, faceting, carving, incising or impressing the pieces. Often a combination of wheel work and hand work is employed where hand work is used to finish of the pieces. Potters add handles, feet, lids and other design elements to the original piece through handwork. The third technique, slip casting is preferred to create small delicate pieces. It involves the use of mold whereby liquid clay is poured within the molds, dried and then removed. Slab building technique is another technique that is preferred by contemporary ceramic artists and came from the Mesoamerican Pre-Columbian ceramists. In this technique, the clay or any other material is rolled out through the help of the rolling pin. Once the clay is rolled out, it acquires a soft finish which can easily be molded into the required shape. A ceramist might use a number of